Saturday, 31 March 2018

Title norms

We were aware that title norm chances would be very good in this year's Fagernes tournament, but did not realize they would be THIS good :-)

Before the start of round 9 we are happy to congratulate American FM Erik Santarius and Norwegian players Mads Vestby-Ellingsen, FM Anders Hobber and FM Tor Fredrik Kaasen with already having completed very well deserved IM-norms!! (as we take for granted they will all remember to play the last round tomorrow...)

... And we look forward to an extraordinary interesting last round as SEVEN more title norms will be at stake!
In the IM-group, FM Johannes Haug of Norway needs a win to get an IM-norm. In the GM-group, IM Benjamin Arvola Notkevich of Norway can make a GM norm with a draw, while IM Oskar von Bahr of Sweden and FM Erik Santarius of USA both need a win in the last round. Also in the GM-group, FM Catagay Burcu of Turkey and FM Benjamin Haldorsen of Norway can make an IM-norm with a draw, while WIM Mai Narva of Estonia needs a win to get a WGM-norm!