Sunday25 March 201813.00-16.00Registration

17.30-23.30Round 1
Monday26 March 201814.00-20.00Round 2
Tuesday27 March 2018    10.00-16.00Round 3

17.30-23.30Round 4
Wednesday  28 March 2018   14.00-20.00Round 5
Thursday29 March 201814.00-20.00
Round 6
Fagernes Easter Rapid - day 1
Friday30 March 201814.00-20.00
Round 7
Fagernes Easter Rapid - day 2
Saturday31 March 201813.00-19.00Round 8

  19.00-Fagernes Easter Blitz
Sunday1 April 201809.00-15.00Round 9

15.10 (latest) Prize giving
Please note: This schedule is preliminary and may be changed.

Players unable to play a particular round of the tournament can get walk-over with half a point for this round. Each player can have one walk-over draw in the GM-group and two in the Elo-group.

Such a walk-over draw however must be accepted by the organizer before the start of round one, and it can not be accepted for round eight or nine.